Get Alt/Title tag information using Jquery

Add this inside your head tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
$('div.test').html(function() {
  var linkTitle = $("#imgs-test").attr("alt");
  return linkTitle;

Give the image for example an ID


Place this within the body tag where ever you want the information to be displayed.

<div class="test"></div>

Die IE6 DIE!!! Microsoft Phasing Out The Dreaded IE6 Through Automatic Update!

Good news this week, Microsoft has decided to phase out IE6 through an Automatic Update. Users will be prompted to install IE8 which will override IE6 thus phasing it out!

How it will work:

The installation of IE8 will not be installed like the usual updates given by Microsoft. This time instead of automatically installing,  it will be downloaded to the users desktop which will then need to be manually installed by the user.

Of course I would urge everyone to install this update and phase out the DREADED IE6!!!

Read more about the Preparation for the Automatic Update distribution of IE8

Also dont forget to support Bring Down IE6 in association with .NET Magazine.