Magento 1 Extension: Remove any link from My Account navigation

Posted on June 26, 2012 | Magento 1

Have you ever tried to remove a My Account navigation item via local.xml, it's not easy right!? After some research and the help of a few magento community members I came across a snippet of code which allows you to remove items using method="removeLink".

public function removeLink($name)
        return 6;this;

To implement this snippet of code, you had to modify core functionality and I thought to make it a little cleaner, I would create a simple magento extension.

You can download it here: PaulDonnelly_RemoveLink

To remove links view removelinks.xml and uncomment the links you would like to remove.

You may also move the contents of customer_account_navigation to local.xml.

Please note: I have only tested this in and Always take backups!!